14-Day Detox Kit


Naked Me Tea is an easy 2-Step Detox Tea Program to help you look and feel your best.
Step 1: Boost your metabolism & burn fat in the morning.
Step 2: Detoxify your body & regulate your digestion.

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Each 14-Day Detox Kit includes:

14 teaspoons of Boost Me loose-leaf tea to enjoy every morning.
Ingredients: Yerba Mate, Black Tea, Licorice Root, Cardamom, Ginger Root, Black Pepper, Cloves, Gotu Kola

14 teaspoons of Cleanse Me loose-leaf tea to enjoy every evening.
Ingredients: Holy Basil, Spearmint, Rose Hips, Lemon Myrtle, Linden Blossoms, Ginger Root

Boost Me: Naturally sweet & refreshing, Boost Me is the perfect way to jumpstart your energy and metabolism for the day!

Benefits include:

  • Boosts metabolism and helps your body burn more fat and calories (through thermogenesis)
  • Increases energy level throughout the day
  • Assists your body in breaking down fat (lipolytic) and prevents formation of new fat cells
  • Curbs appetite and reduce cravings
  • Reduces bloating and water weight leaving you with a flatter tummy
  • Boosts immunity by providing tons of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals

Cleanse Me: Minty & soothing, Cleanse Me is the perfect bedtime ritual!

Benefits include:

  • Stimulates digestion to eliminate waste and toxins and block fat accumulation
  • Reduces bloating giving you a flatter tummy and “lighter feeling”
  • Anti-inflammatory action which helps stabilize blood sugars and control weight
  • Improves skin clarity
  • Acts as a natural relaxant and sleep aid
  • Combats stress and anxiety


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Boost Me Morning Tea

immune system booster, increases metabolism, suppresses appetite

Yerba Mate

fat burner, improves mental alertness and memory, regulates blood sugar

Black Tea

sweeter than sugar with zero calories, fat burner, natural laxative, removes wastes and toxins

Licorice Root

promotes digestion, relieves constipation, detoxifying agent


anti-inflammatory, promotes digestion, reduces bloating, boosts metabolism

Ginger Root

fat burner, stabilizes sugar levels, promotes digestion and reduces bloating

Black Pepper

improves digestion, inhibits fat accumulation


reduces cellulite, energizing, stress-buster

Gotu Kola

Cleanse Me Evening Tea

reduces stress, promotes sleep, lowers blood sugar, aids in weight loss, promotes digestion

Holy Basil

promotes digestion and improves skin clarity


powerful antioxidant, weight loss, increases energy, immunity booster

Rose Hip

antibacterial, immunity boosting, cellulite-reducing relaxant that promotes better sleep

Lemon Myrtle

combats anxiety, weight loss, calming sleep aid

Linden Blossums

anti-inflammatory, promotes digestion, reduces bloating, boosts metabolism

Ginger Root