What benefits are you looking for?

Whether you’re a tea connoisseur or totally new to our mouthwatering blends, Naked Me Tea has the blend to make you feel great. Whether you want to tone up, refresh your body, or reduce your wrinkles, we’ve got the perfect type of tea for you.

NMT_078Detox Starter Kit

Need a natural way to increase your energy levels, boost your metabolism, motivate your weight loss, and reduce bloating? Try our Detox Starter Kit! One of our best-selling items, the 14-Day Detox Kit includes morning and evening tea which, when taken daily, produces a number of benefits for your body. You’ll even receive our celebrated Naked Me Tea Steep Machine for easy brewing. With its great taste and revitalizing health effects, it’s no wonder that the Detox Starter Kit is so popular — start “teatoxing” today!


Purify Me Liver Detox Tea

If you’re suffering from sluggish fatigue, dry or itchy skin, mood swings, migraines, or constipation, you could probably benefit from our Purify Me Liver Detox Tea. Whether you’ve recently overindulged or simply need to cleanse your system, this is the ideal solution. Offering a natural way to alleviate those conditions — and even help you slim down — this delicious tea will see you feeling fighting fit in no time flat.

NMT_086Acai Me Tea

Acai is a nutrient-packed super plant that’s commonly referred to as the “beauty berry” for its notable ability to refresh your skin and leave you looking youthful and feeling great. Our Acai Me Tea even contains Organic White Tea, which has been scientifically proven to support your skin more effectively than 98% of all plant extracts, making wrinkles less apparent, lines less noticeable, and acne less likely. Combined together, these two ingredients make a cup of Acai Me Tea into a miniature fountain of youth.

NMT_085Lose Me Tea

Both of our detox teas can help you lose weight, but our Lose Me Tea is for people who really want to focus on dropping the pounds. This tea contains Pu-Erh — often known by the alternative moniker of the “king of burning fat.” Containing an enzyme that helps break down fat cells, prevents them from forming, and aids digestion, this is one of the most renowned weight-loss teas on the planet. Try drinking a cup one hour after each meal to enjoy the best results possible.

You Don’t Have to Choose Just One

Each of our teas is perfect to drink individually, but they combine to dramatically improve your health. That’s why we’ve decided to offer a Complete Health Kit, which comes with original Teatox, Purify Me Liver Detox, and our Acai Me clear complexion kit. We also offer K-cups, our Naked Me Tea Steep machine, and our rose strainer for effortless brewing, so there’s never been a better time to embrace tea and improve your life. You can check out our selection online.